If you are past the nervous and awkward first date, and everything is on the right track, this is the perfect time to plan your destination wedding location. Congratulations to you if your future husband or wife has said yes after the entire nervous proposal that you had been planning for so long! This article talks about some of the most beautiful and serene places which happen to be the best destination wedding locations in the world. 

1. Santorini

One of the most beautiful destination wedding locations in the entire world is this Greek island called Santorini. The island is full of whitewashed houses that cling to the amazingly breathtaking cliffs. The roofs of these houses are cobalt blue in colour, which completely matches the color of the glittering ocean that surrounds this tiny island endlessly.

Santorini is one of the most hauntingly beautiful islands in the world with its volcanic sand beaches and black sand beaches. You may head to these beaches for your wedding, with a fiery copper sunset behind you, creating what would remain as the most unforgettable memory of your entire life. The black sand beaches in the East of the island are extremely mesmerizing, and so are the red sand beaches in the South.

2. Rome

A historical city that has continued to stand the tests of time, could possibly be the destination for your union. Just as the city has been standing on its grounds for centuries, so will your love, in the tests of time. Rome, for centuries, has been a city that has gone through countless transformations over a very long period of time. With new kings and rulers, the city has faced many battles and yet survived.

Rome is popularly known for its significant historical figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Julius Caesar, Raphael and Michelangelo, among others. With stunning architecture and art, you will be surrounded by the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain – with the love of your life. If you are somebody who loves the richness of history, the timeless city of Rome would be the best destination wedding location for you.

3. Fiji

Fiji is surrounded by crystal blue waves and is a beautiful tropical oasis. There are more than three thousand tiny islands that together make the archipelago known as Fiji in the South Pacific. The vibrant coral reefs are extremely gorgeous, and the place is also known for its palm trees that form a line across the beaches. If you are someone who loves exotic beaches and the colour green, this is the perfect destination wedding location for you.

4. Paris

Romance lingers in the air when it comes to Paris, capital city of France. Paris has always been the city of love, popular for the Eiffel tower, and has beauty in everything from its music to fashion and films. The city that boasts its art and architecture is indeed one of the best destination wedding locations with lush gardens and pretty little cafes at the corners of its streets. You may choose for either a daylight ceremony in the prettiest of its gardens, or of course, the night time for the event, with the city lights sparkling and the Eiffel tower standing tall in the background.

5. Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia which is filled with tropical beaches, ancient architecture, ornate Buddha temples and gorgeous royal palaces. Bangkok is known for its tremendously beautiful shrines and the vibrant streetlights. Thailand has a rich history and magnificent culture, with an ultra-modern city right next to quiet communities, in the canalside in the capital city Bangkok. Being one of Thailand’s cultural hotspots with a vibrant nightlife, the city makes for an interesting destination to tie the knot. Bangkok’s riverside resorts and buddhist shrines are some of the adored options for the destination.

6. Lisbon

Portugal’s capital city Lisbon has its beauty in hidden beaches and castles that you see in fairytale movies. You will find the Tagus Estuary, and the suspension bridge of Ponte 25 de Abril. The city and its surroundings are popularly known for its world class seafood dishes, and that should definitely be on your wedding menu! Portugal is surrounded by mesmerizing turquoise ocean coves of what is known as Lagos, and the bright and sparkling castles of Sintra.

7. Marrakech

Filled with exotic sights, vibrant colours and incredibly delicious spicy flavoured dishes, Marrakech is one of the most stunning destination wedding locations in the world. Probably one that’s underrated too. An imperial city that is widely known as Morocco, the place is full of absolutely brilliant Islamic architecture and music.

If you and your better half want to sprinkle a generous dose of royalty on your special day, count on the city’s numerous palaces and stunning gardens. Marrakech oozes romance in countless ways, thanks to the majestic Atlas Mountains or the Palm Grove flaunting its golden sand. The latter especially is ideal for anyone wishing for a dreamy desert wedding.

Irrespective of the destination, a wedding remains the most important event in almost everyone’s lifetime. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to select a destination that suits the needs of the groom and the bride perfectly. The special day comes only once, or at least that’s the hope. So why shouldn’t the destination for the day be every bit as special as the day itself?

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