In these trendy times, what better way to celebrate your special day than with a dash of social media? A free tool at our disposal, the simple #hashtag is a great way to add some real-time excitement to your wedding. Shutterbugs can click away and share their photos online, and you get to see them all under your very own hashtag!

Choosing a hashtag may seem like a fairly simple process. But just like any other aspect of a wedding, there’s more to it than meets the eye. From simple, timeless catch phrases, to quirky and customized tags, we’ve covered the three main types of hashtags, so you can pick the best wedding hashtag for yourselves.

Simplicity At Its Best

The best wedding hashtag doesn’t have to be witty or hilarious, neither does it have to be heavily customized! Don’t lose the fun of creating a hashtag by getting caught up in making it glamorous or trend-worthy. Instead, rock the simplicity with a hashtag that everyone can remember and use.

Step 1 – Own the tag

Hashtags always are at risk of being previously used, which will make your photos get lost in the crowd. Pick something to ‘own’ that hashtag. Start with the surname of the bridal couple. However, if you have a common surname, there’s a chance another lucky couple with the same surname has already snatched it up. In this case go with your names instead, using either the full name or your initials.

Step 2 – Add the romance

Of course, a wedding hashtag has to have something to mark the occasion. Pick from traditionally romantic phrases that immediately evoke the image of a wedding. Again, you get to decide what’s perfect for you.

We’ve chalked up a few examples of simple hashtags below so you get an idea of where to begin.











Is your name all too common? No problem, dish out those nicknames instead. Use the nickname your family and friends call you by, or use the special names you and your beloved use with each other. Not only does this ensure you have a unique hashtag, it also makes for a great story for guests who have heard these nicknames for the first time!

Quirkiness All The Way

While hashtags are non-essentials for a wedding, you have every right to make them as quirky as possible. After all, this is your special day! From puns to silly name combinations, there’s no limit to quirky hashtags. It’ll be the hallmark of your wedding day, and everyone is sure to share a few laughs over it.

Step 1 – Dive into the details

Dedicate an hour or two to this, and jot down every detail about each other. Puns can be found almost anywhere, so go ahead and note down the most characteristic things about each other.

Step 2 – Work those brain cells

Time to put on those thinking caps! Gather the brightest minds you know and get to work on crafting your punniest, best wedding hashtag. It can involve a fun rhyme with your names or initials, or even reference pop culture. Look at the examples below to get a hang of it-

#HallMyLove (Using the surname Hall)

#MySilverLining (Using the surname Lining)

#AdamsFamily2020 (Referencing the show ‘The Adams’ Family’)

#MeetTheSurnames (Referencing the movie ‘Meet The Fockers’)

#MyMoonAndStarrs (Using the surname Starr)

The Ultimate Customized Wedding Hashtag

You want something cute and quirky, but you can’t seem to think of anything good enough? No worries, there’s one more option, and quite the fun option it is! It involves smashing together the names of the bridal couple to come up with a new, and often funny, ‘combination’ hashtag. Here’s where we can help you out. Follow this up with the date of your wedding, or a common catchphrase, and voila!

Stacy + Jack = #Stack2020

Jaeson + Felicia = #FaesonForever

Thomas + Layla = #LamasLove

The sky’s the limit, as long as your combination hashtag is not too bizarre. You don’t want photos that capture precious moments to get lost, simply because your guests got confused! Remember to spread the word about your wedding hashtag on your save the date and your invitations, and to make it visible on props on the big day. This way every moment, from the small and precious to the sudden and funny, all get to be captured, adding to the charm of your wedding day.

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