Invitations set the mood for a wedding, and there is always something unique about what kind of invitation cards you send out to your guests. Wedding invitations tend to portray your style, your choices. It is absolutely okay to drift away from traditional invitation cards, and go for something that is more about you – from shapes to mixed materials, artwork and fun colors!

There are several ways in which you can create a personalized unique wedding invitation filled with creativity! You can always customize the tiniest of details of your wedding invitation card, starting from the material it is going to be printed on to the stamp which would seal the envelope. In this article, you will find fifteen different unique wedding invitation ideas to choose from and experiment with!

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At the end of the day, remember that this is your wedding and it is up to you how you want to incorporate your personal styles into your wedding invitation!

1.  Color Blocking

Color blocking consists of a warm color palette that puts a retro look on your invitation card. You may choose colors that you find the most beautiful, and create a simple yet stunning invitation card for your wedding. Sunny hues tend to leave a retro touch to this modern style!

2. Vintage Romance

If you are a person who loves writing and receiving letters, linen and letter invitations might be just the thing for you. This unique wedding invitation idea is elegant, and leaves an impression of vintage romance with its torn edges.

3. Transparency

Do you like to keep things simple and minimalistic? In that case, a transparent acrylic small invitation card with white letters might be perfect for you. It keeps things minimalistic, and beautiful.

4. Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie is the interpretation of Chinese traditional motifs by Europeans. You may want to try creating an invitation with bright and soft colors with motifs drawn on the base of the material. A combination of teal and aqua colors with cherry blossoms painted in shades of pink would look extremely beautiful on your wedding invitation!

5. Illustrations In watercolor

Are you fond of paintings of landscapes in watercolor? An illustrated invitation with folded out cards featuring the beauty of nature might be exactly what you are looking for. Folded out invitations are fun, your guests could just cut off the last fold to send in the RSVP!

6. Leather

Leather invitations are classy and innovative! Leather leaves a unique texture to the invitation card, and is rarely seen. Also, it’s the kind of invitation card that is everlasting, so it can eventually be transformed into a beautiful memory or even a souvenir for that matter.

7. Vintage Newspaper

As much as letters and linen create a vintage style, a vintage newspaper could be another great idea for a unique wedding invitation. The yellowish texture on the paper with bold aesthetic lettering in black will make the invitation look elegant and retro altogether.

8. Mapping The Cities

Some people are very interested in travels and history. Navigating through a map drawn with watercolor on a wedding invitation would add a local flavor to the invitation. If you are somebody who thinks this unique idea suits your personality and style, you should totally go for it!

9. Vintage Vinyl Record

Does the Before Trilogy happen to be on your favourite movies list? How about a vinyl record, then? A wedding invitation that includes the most favourite tracks or albums of the bride and groom would be an extremely new and cool thing to experiment with. It’s both classy and vintage at the same time!

10. Tiny Book

If you are into diaries and notebooks and other stationary items, you might want to customise a tiny hollowed out book for your wedding invitation! Wouldn’t it be kind of romantic to show how a couple is about to start a new chapter of their lives?

11. Rustic Palette

How about a purple and copper palette that is elegant and rustic when put together with silk ribbons, tiny pearls and wax seals?

12. Wood

There cannot be a better idea for wedding invitation than a bohemian card made of wood, if you are somebody who loves the woods and its mysteries! You could plan on using an envelope that has a couple of fern prints stamped on the seal.

13. Fairies

You may choose to add butterflies and birds engraved on the edges of your card to turn it into an unique wedding invitation that looks like a fairytale dream. They make for elegant esthetics too.

14. Feathers

Dreamcatchers, artwork from Egyptian cities and feathers might turn out to be a beautiful combination for your wedding invitation. It will not only be unique, but also fancy!

15. Monochrome

Experimenting with black and white can be fun, added with some botanical prints that leave a minimalistic affect. This way, you might find the perfect monochrome themed wedding invitation for yourself!

There are different color palettes that you can use for your unique wedding invitation ranging from warm yellow to greens, blues and glittery gold and silver! There are different kinds of calligraphy and parchment papers that you may choose from. Now that you have come across so many unique wedding invitation ideas, go experiment with color palettes and inks, shapes and illustrations, envelops and designs!

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