While far from an essential, using a hashtag is increasingly becoming a common feature at most weddings. But how much can they possibly add to a wedding? You’re bound to have your professional photographer around anyway. So if you’re considering it, but are still going, ‘what are wedding hashtags used for?’, read on to get a better idea of this new trend.

A Merge of Traditional and Contemporary

Your wedding day comes just once in your life, or at least you’d hope! Naturally, there’s a string of ideas from several people, right from locations to decor to everything else. One side of the family may insist on a traditional, ‘unplugged’ wedding to preserve the sanctity of the occasion. While on the other hand, chants go up for a contemporary wedding to keep up with the times, drone photography and everything else. How ever do you decide?

Using a hashtag and involving social media is a great way to find some middle ground. Keep an unplugged ceremony, urging your guests to put aside their phones and partake in the joyous moment with you. Post that, make an announcement that the shutterbugs can click away, and introduce your dash of trendiness. Just ensure guests can see your hashtag, whether printed on napkins or put up on boards. You get to have a little bit of both with the simple use of a wedding hashtag, and put to rest the big debate, or at least one of them!

So Far Yet So Close

The only thing better than celebrating your perfect day is sharing in the celebrations with friends and loved ones. However, the heartbreaking truth is that there are so many who can’t be physically present with you on your wedding day. Distance, unavoidable work or familial commitments, and last-minute emergencies are just some of the reasons why people can’t share in the joy with you. Using a hashtag lets them be a part of the fun, as they get to see behind-the-scenes and real-time photos and videos. Nothing can come close to being there in person, but at least this way, they get to be there emotionally, if not physically.

Document The Smaller Moments

A professional photographer and videographer at weddings are practically the norm. From capturing candids to encapsulating the moment you and your loved one exchange vows, your photographer will do it all. However, there are still many moments worth cherishing that can be captured by quick-pics. Be it from the engagement day, the bridal shower, the stag party, moments from the wedding preparation or the celebration itself, these are the photos that often carry the most memories.

Using a hashtag is a great way to gather up all these fantastic photos. They won’t be as perfect as your professionally taken photos, and some from the bridal and stag parties are likely to be blurry! But the precious, smaller, and fun moments all get to be shared with you and your family, if they come under your special wedding hashtag.

A Different Perspective

What’s the first thing you picture when you hear the words, ‘wedding photograph’? A gorgeous close-up of two hands exchanging rings, the bridal entourage all smiles, emotions on the faces of parents and grandparents…

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While these are all desired and cherished, using a hashtag lets you see your wedding from the perspective of your guests. After all, sometimes it is our closest friends and family members who truly know how and when we react. The result? A perfectly timed capture that your photographer did not see coming. Now that you know what wedding hashtags are used for, you can decide if you want one or not. Our advice? Don’t overthink it. A wedding hashtag is functional, adds an element of fun to your special day, and gets your guests involved in capturing your memories. Get cracking on that perfect hashtag right away.